Ground Breaking Ceremony at SPD

On the morning of March 7th at 9am, employee from the office, shop and drivers who were in the yard gathered behind the main building where the two smaller trailers used to stand.  Shovels and pails were handed out by Dana.  Dan Wirkkala worked over a small spot of ground and Chris Tauzin supervised the digging.  Chris has been working hard these past few months with the planning needed to implement the new construction. Everyone took turns digging in the dirt to help mark the ground breaking.

From March 1st through April 2011 the area behind the current main building will be a construction area as crews build a grand two story building for the company.

The back door of the current office, where drivers most commonly entered the building to speak with dispatch, will now be closed for the next 4 weeks.

Drivers who need to speak with dispatch or check their boxes must enter the building through the Kitchen door, which is located at the far northern part of the building.

The two black mailboxes have been relocated near the kitchen door inside the fenced area. Please enter the main office thru the kitchen door during these next 4 weeks.  As you are walking to dispatch please remember to be on your best behavior and limit your visiting time with the office employees.

Drivers also should avoid driving between the shop and the current building and area of construction.  There may also be times that entering the facility from the north gate will be restricted, and will have to use the south entrance gate for entering and exiting.

Currently payroll can be found in the single wide blue trailer located by the north entrance gate, while safety and licensing is located on the other side of the main building closer to the shop. During this time, payroll, safety and licensing have no access to phones except cell phones. You can still contact Ken or Jaimee in safety through their cell phones. Messages can be relayed to payroll and licensing.

Once the new two story building is complete, the two single wide trailers will be removed. The location of where everyone will be after construction has yet to be announced.

Thanks to Steven Jarrett for such great pictures.