Protecting the Future of SPD

Smokey Point Distributing Inc would first like to extend a sincere “Thank You” for the daily efforts that go into making this company successful for over 30 years. Every employee, in every position has an important & essential responsibility in satisfying our most important commodity “Our Customers”.

Through our valued employee’s we have built a reputation as a safe, reliable quality carrier that evolves with their clients, allowing us to continue to grow our company.

It is our job as a company to grow and evolve with our clients to keep those relationships strong and protect our future. This year, many of our clients have been focusing on environmental impact issues.

They have been looking deep into their own companies as well as their preferred vendors.

It is for this reason, that Smokey Point Distributing has taken important steps to implement improvements within our fleet operations, to reduce our emissions footprint on the environment.

All of our “Bigger” clients have clearly stated that involvement in these programs such as “Smart Way” and “ISO-14001” will affect current and future contracts being awarded to our company.

Fuel consumption is a major contributing factor in measuring our impact on the environment.  By reducing our dependency on fuel through idle time reduction and improved fuel efficiency, we will reduce our environmental impact while improving our operating efficiency.

In an effort to reduce idle time and enhance driver comfort, Smokey Point Distributing has begun installing APU units on all company trucks.

We have finished testing on a variety of units and have settled on a battery and diesel engine unit made by Diamond Power that will be installed on all company trucks by end of 2011.

Smokey Point Distributing will be taking further steps to reduce our environmental impact by governing the speed on all company trucks. It is through the governing of our equipment that our company will realize additional efficiency improvements in fuel consumption and tire wear to name a few.

In implementing these changes, the company realizes the impact that it will place on the drivers of the company. There is no easy way to go from a non governed fleet to a governed fleet without resistance.

I am hopeful that all drivers will realize the necessity of these changes and commit to doing their part to improve the overall operating efficiency of their individual truck.

It is through these efficiency improvements that the company will find the ability to pay driver fuel bonuses and other compensation related to the savings each driver produces for the company.

Smokey Point Distributing has been built on the quality and commitment of the employees and I am confident that all employees understand the importance of making decisions that serve the short and long term needs of our companies continued success.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all employees and their families.

Dan Wirkkala
President /CEO
Smokey Point Distributing Inc.

Our Equipment List Grows

During 2010 our equipment list grew with 10 new Volvo trucks with 2 more trucks scheduled to be added before the end of the year.

Currently of our shop foreman, Mike Young, is busy getting 6 these fine trucks ready for our eager drivers to get out on the road. The rest have been on the road for some time.

We also had 11 new Trailers added to the fleet.  This was made up of a mix of 53’ and 48 ‘ trailers,  ranging from Flatbeds, FB Spreads, Covered van, Step deck Spread. These are from makers, Wilson, Utility, Manac, Transcraft, Great Dane and Stoughton